Why Choose Us?

Andrew Corish, principal of Corish & Co is deeply passionate about his work and loves being a family lawyer. As an accredited specialist with over 35 years of knowledge and expertise in all areas of family law, Andrew is committed to giving truthful and realistic advice. He takes a minimalist approach to assist and empower clients towards a quick and effective resolution of their family law matter.

We understand that dealing with the breakdown of a marriage or relationship is highly stressful.

We know that parenting matters are rarely a case of winners and losers and that in most cases, parents can both be substantially involved in the care and welfare of their children.

We have seen how the hard-earned assets of separating couples can be depleted through protracted and contentious property proceedings, so we do all that we can to avoid this.

Our philosophy is to discourage litigation wherever possible, doing everything we can to resolve your matter quickly and effectively, keeping you out of court so you can move towards a successful outcome.

We offer a range of dispute resolution processes to maximise the prospects of an early settlement of your family law matter and are highly skilled in conducting negotiations, mediation, round-table conferences, and collaborative law processes.

Family law is complex. There are many processes to navigate and decisions to be made at a time when you are most vulnerable and anxious. Using our expertise and deep understanding of family law matters, we will guide you through the legal issues, ensuring you are fully aware of your rights, so you can make informed decisions.

We treat our clients with integrity, care, and compassion and have an open, transparent pricing policy. Our services are flexible, and we offer phone appointments or consultations outside of business hours and at different locations, if necessary.

If you have separated, are separating or divorcing, in a family dispute or looking to improve your family situation, contact us for an obligation-free consultation to find out how we can help you.