How long have you been handling family law and divorce cases?
I have worked in family law during the whole of my 35-year law career. For the last 22 years I have worked almost exclusively in family law. During that period, I have handled almost every type of family law proceeding. This covers a multitude of property and parenting proceedings, as well as child support, spousal maintenance proceedings, Binding Financial Agreements and all other sorts of Consent Orders and Agreements.I have conducted international matters representing clients from the UK, USA, and other countries. I have appeared in every family law court from the Local Court to the Federal Circuit and Family Courts. Additionally, I have worked in the Appeal Division as an advocate for all types of proceedings, including those related to domestic violence.
Do you have any specific training or accreditation in Family Law and divorce?
I have been working as a family lawyer for over 35 years. I am fortunate enough to be among the most experienced and qualified family lawyers in New South Wales.After completing a double law degree, I began practicing in the family firm Corish & Co in Hornsby in 1982. In 1984, I moved to Canberra where I worked in the family law department of a large Canberra based firm for close to 15 years. During this time, I was awarded specialist accreditation in family law by the Law Society of NSW.I am one of the few specialist family lawyers in Australia with more than 22 years of continuous service as an accredited specialist.I am accredited as a mediator in family law and as an independent Children’s lawyer, to represent children in complex parenting disputes. I was also accredited in collaborative resolution of family law disputes in 2011. I have trained as a family dispute resolution practitioner which means I can conduct family dispute resolution and issue section 60 I certificates, which are needed prior to parties commencing parenting proceedings. In 2014, I re-established Corish & Co as a specialist family law firm in North Sydney.
What is your preferred approach or “philosophy” for handling a divorce case?
We like to take a minimalist approach. We assist in matters where we can add value and empower you to come to their own agreements as quickly and effectively as possible. Where we can, we work to avoid court proceedings and promote efficient Dispute Resolution outside the court system.In parenting matters, it is rarely a case of winners and losers but how parents can both be substantially involved in the care and welfare of their children. We treat you with care and compassion and are committed to assisting you achieve the best possible resolutions in your family law matters.It is imperative that we help you to understand the law and the legal processes to maximise your chances of an early resolution. We do this by participating in innovative ways of resolving disputes including Alternative Dispute Resolution, such as collaborative dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation, and round-table conferences. We also conduct and participate in Family Dispute Resolution.Our extensive experience helps to resolve problems and issues quickly and effectively.
Do you have courtroom experience?
We understand that sometimes court proceedings can’t be avoided and are necessary and important to reach a good resolution. We conduct court proceedings in an extremely efficient and effective manner, providing excellent documents and using the court processes to bring about a successful resolution.Collectively we have 35 years’ knowledge and experience in providing strong client advocacy and representation. We assist parties to obtain excellent results and get out of the court process as swiftly and successfully as possible.We will assist and represent you should the matter need to go before the courts.
Are you a trained mediator or trained in collaborative law?
I am accredited as a mediator in family law and as an independent children’s lawyer, to represent children in complex parenting disputes. In 2011, I trained and was accredited in collaborative resolution of family law disputes. I am a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner capable of conducting Family Dispute Resolution mediation and issue certificates necessary for a party to commence parenting proceedings.
Will you be the person responsible for handling my divorce case?
Yes, I work directly on behalf you.
Will I be able to contact you directly?
Yes, I am always contactable directly via phone and email. I am available for appointments out of hours and away from the office if necessary, particularly in the event of a crisis.
Will I receive copies of all legal documents and correspondence?
You are kept up to date and receive and approve all documents at each stage of the process.
It is still early stages of the process. How much is the initial consultation?
We offer an initial complimentary discussion by telephone and provide a set fee for the first consultation. We are open and upfront about the costs of various proceedings to make our services transparent and affordable.
Will you provide a written agreement regarding fees and expenses?
We provide a written agreement of services and fees for our client’s records. We provide estimates of the costs of proceedings at each stage of the process for approval prior to work being done.
What distinguishes you from other family law firms
Two key things make us stand out from other family law firms. Firstly, I have been practicing family law for 35 years and I love being a family lawyer. The satisfaction comes from helping people in crisis reach a good outcome.And secondly, I am deeply passionate about my work and committed to giving truthful and realistic advice and acting with honesty and integrity in all situations. My aim and vocation are to provide the same help and assistance to each client who calls on my services, as I would hope to receive if I was in their situation.