Family Law – Getting it right the second time

Sadly, about one third of current marriages in Australia are likely to end in separation or divorce. Couples in de facto relationships fare even worse; the evidence shows that the separation rate is significantly higher for de facto relationships than for marriages....Read More

Arbitration: The Alternative Courtroom

In the process of separation or divorce, most couples manage to come to an arrangement as to who gets what assets. Unfortunately, there are some who reach an impasse and simply can’t come to an agreement. This can happen when couples try to resolve a particularly...Read More

Impact of violence on a property settlement

How do the courts decide who gets what in terms of assets and property after a separation or divorce? The courts generally take into account what assets there are and their value; what contributions each party made to those assets, both in money terms and as homemaker...Read More

Valuing Assets after Separation

When a couple come to divide their property following a separation, the first thing they must do is work out exactly who owns what, and the value of their assets. But it’s not an easy step to take. Valuing their assets, for instance, can create major problems. With...Read More