How do you know divorce is the right choice?

As a family lawyer, one wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that I only ever suggest that divorce is the right choice. I’ve seen my fair share of positive and negative divorce outcomes during my 35 years in practice, but no matter the outcome rarely is the journey through...Read More

For Better or Worse or subject to this Agreement

There is a new Bill before Parliament to strengthen and simplify Pre-nuptial or Pre-relationship Agreements.  For those that enter into such agreements prior to marriage, it would be fairer to change their marriage vows to take the other person for better or worse or...Read More

Survive Separation: Six Things To Do When You Separate

Where do you begin once you’ve decided to separate? What should you do to make sure you survive separation? When someone faces a separation after a long marriage or relationship, the problems can seem overwhelming. There are often many issues to face as well as...Read More

Do I re-partner or not?

Over two million Australians live alone. For some it’s a matter of choice; for others it’s because they haven’t found the right partner. For those who have been through it all before, it may be fear of the financial consequences if they enter a new relationship...Read More