Family Law: Is smacking your child illegal?

Smacking your child as a form of discipline is a controversial topic and one that continues to divide parents, globally. Many Australian parents believe smacking is an effective way to discourage bad behaviour, but most use non-physical means of discipline such as...Read More

Better not to secretly record or videotape

In Family Law proceedings, in arguing a case before the Family Court, you may want proof of an event (or events) that supports your case—incidents of violence by a partner, for example. You may lack proof to back up your case—many events take place behind closed...Read More

Better Protection for Children After Separation

Emotional abuse and violence can occur in up to a third of relationships. It’s often a major factor in a relationship breakdown – and it has a severe impact on the wellbeing of any children in the relationship, both before and after the breakup. But now, thanks...Read More