De facto Vs Marriage: Is One Better Than The Other?

Starting a romantic relationship is an exciting time. The choice to take it a step further and commit to a long-term arrangement, either in a de facto relationship or in marriage, should be the decision of the couple. But, until recently, marriage wasn’t an option for...Read More

How to have a good divorce

Is there such a thing as a ‘good’ divorce?  One that’s conducted amicably with fairness to all parties? Or is a divorce doomed to be a difficult and distressing experience, characterised by anger, anxiety, regret (and great expense), so the only sensible course is to...Read More

Impact of violence on a property settlement

How do the courts decide who gets what in terms of assets and property after a separation or divorce? The courts generally take into account what assets there are and their value; what contributions each party made to those assets, both in money terms and as homemaker...Read More

Divorce: What Happened to the Money and Assets?

At the end of a marriage or de facto relationship, dividing up the assets is an unavoidable necessity. Division of money and assets can often cause arguments about how much there is to divide, especially if there is much less than was expected. One party may accuse...Read More

I Can Keep My Inheritance – Can’t I?

When it comes to dividing up property after a relationship breakdown, most separating couples usually manage to come to an agreement — especially if they’ve follow family law guidelines and obtained good legal advice. However, there are some problems which often arise...Read More