De facto Vs Marriage: Is One Better Than The Other?

Starting a romantic relationship is an exciting time. The choice to take it a step further and commit to a long-term arrangement, either in a de facto relationship or in marriage, should be the decision of the couple. But, until recently, marriage wasn’t an option for...Read More

Marriage Preparation: Before You Take The Big Step

Marriage preparation or beginning a new defacto relationship can be a wonderful and exciting time, with much to plan and prepare. But there are important things to consider. There are bound to be new financial responsibilities and obligations, particularly if you are...Read More

Family Law – Getting it right the second time

Sadly, about one third of current marriages in Australia are likely to end in separation or divorce. Couples in de facto relationships fare even worse; the evidence shows that the separation rate is significantly higher for de facto relationships than for marriages....Read More

Family Law: The Price of an Extramarital Affair?

When are two people considered a couple? When they’re married or living together? Or when they’re dating and serious about each other? Can the partners to an “affair” also constitute a couple? For many of us, the question of what makes a couple is of little concern....Read More