Shared parenting isn’t for everyone

Following a separation, should there be shared parenting with children spending equal time with both parents? Until quite recently, shared parenting was uncommon. Up ‘til 2006, only about four percent of parents got equal time with their children. But following 2006...Read More

Listening to the Children

If you’re a parent going through a divorce or a separation, you might think that you know what’s best for your children. But under the law, it’s not all about you. A child’s views are often a very significant factor in determining parenting arrangements following a...Read More

Support for single parents

It is not easy being a single parent. There are of course the many joys and rewards in parenthood. And there are many wonderful single parents doing a great job in raising happy, healthy children. But the challenges of caring for children and providing for their...Read More

What if a Parent Refuses Access?

What happens if the Family Law Court grants a parent access to their kids after a separation, but the other parent refuses to comply? It doesn’t happen often – sensible parents respect and abide by the Court’s orders, because they recognize that by failing to do...Read More