Family Law – Getting it right the second time

Sadly, about one third of current marriages in Australia are likely to end in separation or divorce. Couples in de facto relationships fare even worse; the evidence shows that the separation rate is significantly higher for de facto relationships than for marriages....Read More

For Better or Worse or subject to this Agreement

There is a new Bill before Parliament to strengthen and simplify Pre-nuptial or Pre-relationship Agreements.  For those that enter into such agreements prior to marriage, it would be fairer to change their marriage vows to take the other person for better or worse or...Read More

Beware of putting a Price on Love

One of the hardest parts of separating is dividing up the assets – deciding who gets what. It’s a frequent source of conflict and resentment. Sometimes couples try to avoid potential conflicts by entering into a Financial Agreement.  The idea is that if the parties...Read More