3 Matters to Discuss with Your Family Lawyer

Most married couples don’t expect to divorce, let alone have the prudence to plan for it. Whilst we’ve seen a recent drop in the Australian divorce rate, the statistics show that one in three marriages still don’t last. So, what happens when “I Do” becomes “To...Read More

Six Ways to Reclaim Your Marriage and Avoid Divorce?

If spring is the season to wed, research suggests summer is the season to separate. But does it need to be? A US study found that the national divorce-filing rate goes up in March and August of each year. In Australia, the peak period for separation is in February and...Read More

De facto Vs Marriage: Is One Better Than The Other?

Starting a romantic relationship is an exciting time. The choice to take it a step further and commit to a long-term arrangement, either in a de facto relationship or in marriage, should be the decision of the couple. But, until recently, marriage wasn’t an option for...Read More

Should Children Participate in Family Dispute Resolution?

After their parents separate, should children have a say in what happens to them? The reality is that historically, in Australia, parents have tended to believe they can work out the arrangements without their children’s direct involvement. It is true that most...Read More

How to Avoid Sexually Acquired Debt in Divorce

Most couples accept that they need to divide their property following the breakdown of their relationship. But what about their debts? Do they have to divide these too? Many people don’t consider the division of debt fair or necessary: Why should I have to pay his or...Read More

Marriage Preparation: Before You Take The Big Step

Marriage preparation or beginning a new defacto relationship can be a wonderful and exciting time, with much to plan and prepare. But there are important things to consider. There are bound to be new financial responsibilities and obligations, particularly if you are...Read More