Is your Will adequate?

A lot of people put off doing their Wills and estate documents. It can be quite confronting to consider something that is so closely associated with death. Death is unpredictable, and without a current Will, your estate may be handled in a way at odds with your...Read More

7 Biggest Mistakes in Family Law

Most separating couples are able to resolve their Family Law disputes effectively. But for some, their family law dispute becomes an ongoing saga of conflict and expense which embitters relationships, undermines children’s welfare and everyone’s prospects of future...Read More

Survive Separation: Six Things To Do When You Separate

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Getting it down on paper

So you’ve talked through the separation or divorce with your former partner and agreed on who gets what and the arrangements for the kids. It all seems final, and everyone is satisfied. The trouble is, there’s huge potential for later disagreements as to who...Read More

Do I re-partner or not?

Over two million Australians live alone. For some it’s a matter of choice; for others it’s because they haven’t found the right partner. For those who have been through it all before, it may be fear of the financial consequences if they enter a new relationship...Read More